we are DMVdesk

Meet the People Behind the Software

If you use DMVdesk, these are the people behind the software. The Support team you call for registration questions or chat with about DMV procedures. The DMVdesk Account Executives who visit your dealership and listen to your needs. The Audit teams that receive your paperwork submissions, review them for errors, digitally scan everything so you have a copy available from your computer, and let you know of any errors. The Fulfillment Center staff who prepares, packages and sends your customer’s plates, stickers and registration cards at breakneck speeds. And so many others working behind the scenes making your DMVdesk experience – from the software to the signature service – worthy of your expectations.

If you are thinking of switching to DMVdesk, these are the people who are waiting for your phone calls, chats, paperwork, questions – making your workflow easier and your customers happier than ever.

Regardless if you are a current user or want to learn how DMVdesk can streamline your dealership, here is an opportunity for you to get to know us better.


Customer Support

Tre will get your attention and hold it, with a laugh that fills the room. Once an auditor, she’s now a star in Customer Support and loves helping people solve any issues that come their way. Her 10 years at the DMV has given her a wealth of knowledge to share. Funny, outgoing and family-oriented, Tre’s favorite thing is talking. Tre likes to say, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”


Lead Auditor

Sylvia’s friends call her crazy, outgoing and lovable. She began in the DMVdesk audit department five years ago, and has earned the position of Lead Auditor. Ever the extrovert, she loves helping other auditors with any questions they may have. Sylvia is known for her contagious hilarity when visiting other departments. Her favorite hobbies are hanging out with her kids—who can drive her crazy—and playing with her new love, a puppy named Pharaoh.


Audit Manager

Judy is the Department Manager for the Audit/Audit Corrections Department and has been with DMVdesk for six years. What she truly enjoys most about her job is helping dealers figure out how to best process DMV transactions. Diligent, organized and great to talk to, Judy can usually be found hard at work at her desk… unless, of course, she’s off indulging one of her favorite pastimes–getting happily drenched from head-to-toe as she speeds down a river in a raft.


DMVdesk Account Executive

Brian joined DMVdesk as an Account Executive one year ago. His engaging personality and approachable demeanor make him a welcome presence at the dealerships he regularly visits. It’s that client contact he enjoys most, because making his customers’ jobs easier by personally addressing their feedback is important to him. His style is classic and accessible, but watch as Brian walks away. You may just catch a glimpse of the colorful, whimsical socks that hint at something a bit more daring.


Customer Support Supervisor

Shay began with DMVdesk four-and-a-half years ago–and counting! As Customer Support Supervisor, she’s on the fast-paced frontline of service and loves every minute of it. Shay oversees all of the Support Representatives, which is no small task. She monitors the chat feature, LiveHelp, answers complex registration questions, and simply makes sure clients are well-provided for through 24/7 personal, hands-on assistance. This easygoing powerhouse has mastered the art of “just chillin’” and has a passion for purple that’s giggle inducing.


Audit Support Supervisor

Daisy’s been with DMVdesk for six years and works as the Audit Support Supervisor. If she had her way, we’d stop there, because this self-effacing team player prefers focusing on working with a staff she loves and helping others. Daisy likes staying in the background–until NFL game day. This hardcore Dallas Cowboys fan can be found any given Sunday dressed in full team regalia, cheering her boys on and taunting opposing fans with the rabid glee of the truly devoted.


Operations Support Manager

In the six years Garrett has been with DMVdesk, he’s worked his way up to Operations Support Manager in the MVSC Fulfillment Center. Directing a staff of 20+ incredible workers, he oversees every aspect of the warehouse and loves challenging himself and encouraging others to find new ways to optimize the already efficient fulfillment process. When not seeking innovations that keep his department state-of-the-art, Garrett hangs with his favorite companion, Bandit, a four-year-old Siberian Husky he’s raised since puppy-hood.